Fri Aug 12 18:11:22 EDT 1994

Hi everybody,
        A couple of weeks back I got a personal message from a fellow-
blues-ler who, noticing my Murfreesboro, Tennessee address, asked me if
I knew of a blues band called The Nationals.  I told him that I knew them
very well.  Since then it has occurred to me that the whole list might be
interested in this group.
        The Nationals are a very solid blues band from here in Middle
Tennessee.  Three of them are from Murfreesboro and one from Nashville.
The personnel of the group is:
        Jackie Pearson -- lead guitar and vocals

        William House -- harmonica
        Abe White --  bass
        Richard Carter (from Nashville) -- drums.

        Last year Jackie was on tour with Delbert McClinton in New York
(actually, I think, it was earlier this year -- maybe April or May).  This
week the band is playing the W.C. Handy Festival in Alabama.  These guys are
very good and I think they have a future.  If they come into your area,
check them out.  I think you'll be pleased with what you hear.

Ben Austin (the sociology guy)
P.S. -- This is an unpaid commercial!

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