Howard & the Whiteboys

Steve Asma
Thu Aug 11 18:19:08 EDT 1994

Bluesfans,      For anyone who is interested,  an excellent contemporary
blues band out of Chicago is releasing their debut album on Mighty Tiger
Records. The name of the band is "Howard & the Whiteboys" (yes, Howard
is African American), and the band is a regular staple at Buddy Guy's
club "Legends."  In fact, according to the press release, Buddy Guy
claims "Howard & the Whiteboys" as one of his favorite new bands--Guy
frequently jams on stage with them and has them open shows.  If you've
been through Chicago, you may have seen these guys play. Anyway, the
catalogue number,if you're interested, is mtd6003 and Mighty Tiger
Records is a division of Chase Music Group (1 800 724-2730). You can
also find a good John Lee Hooker album entitled "Jealous" through Mighty
Tiger, and a decent Willie Dixon album entitled "Mighty Earthquake and
Hurricane."  Also, has anybody seen a new syndicated television program
called "The Chicago Blues Jam"? I've heard about it, but I have not yet
seen it.

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