Un-PC Blues

Thu Aug 11 15:09:00 EDT 1994

        Actually, a PC Blues would be a contradiction in term, not to
mention an oxymoron.

        Anyway, on the "New Bluebloods" album, on Alligator, Michael
Coleman has a cut called (approximately) "When a woman loves a woman".
He is a very fine and amiable guitar player who has worked with James
Cotton. I believe he works mostly around Chicago these days.

        Ma Rainey and Bessie Jackson also recorded some tunes about
lesbian lovers in the 20's. Ma was said to have been bi-sexual.

        As for racial and ethnic epithets, not only were there plenty
in WWII era blues aimed at the Japanese, but I recall a jug band tune
(circa the late 20's) talking about going to "Polack Town".


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