Those unsubscribers ...

I work at Gizmonics Institute
Wed Aug 10 22:48:54 EDT 1994

I agree completely!  Great Idea!
_right now copying this for later use...hee hee hee_
On Aug 10, Peter Schwenke wrote...
>        Rarely a couple of days goes by without one of those unsubscribe
>requests.  People generally leave because of the volume of mail. So, how about
>we ALL send the following text (which most of us would have received when we
>first joined the list and duly saved) to the next person who does this.  BUT
>don't CC the LIST.  I know it uses bandwidth ... And there will be CCs  ....
>/************** Please unsubscribe yourself ******************************/
>You may leave the list at any  time by sending a "SIGNOFF BLUES-L" command
>this command  must NOT  be sent  to the  list address  (BLUES-L@BROWNVM) but
>Lets just leave it as a threat! :-)    <- (that's a wicked grin, accompanied
>by an evil cackle).

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