BBM/Baker Trio/Robin Trower

Tue Aug 9 08:26:29 EDT 1994

Well, I've just realised why I've been unable to hear or get my hands
on the Baker, Bruce, Moore cd - despite its presence in the UK charts,
it hasn't been released here yet. Any of the resident Europeans
heard it and prepared to coment here?

I see also that the Ginger Baker Trio have a new recording coming out later
in august. Does anyone know anthing of the members and this recording?

Following rave reviews of the Robin Trower blues cd, I picked it
up last week. All I can say is that it definitely sounds like
a Robin Trower album.

Finally, is Magic Sam's West Side Soul generally hard to get - none
of the 4 stores I tried here have it though they do carry other
Sam recordings?

Indiana University

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