The Blues-L Shed

Pamela Koch Pamela.Koch@ACENET.AUBURN.EDU
Wed Aug 3 11:41:41 EDT 1994

Contributors to the Blues-L Shed will get their name in the hat for a
free copy of the cookbook, "Cookin Up the Blues" (courtesy of a member
who prefers to remain anonymous).  DEADLINE FOR THE DRAWING IS
SEPTEMBER 30, 1994. Attached to this message is an explanation of the
Shed and its contents.

Thanks to all who have contibuted to the Blues-l Traveler's Guide.  Of
course, I am still accepting entries.  (Blues-lers from New Yawk,
please send me a message:  I have a special "barcoding project" for
you.)  Following is the basic format I use, but please do not let it
limit you.  Just answer this question:  I'LL BE VISITING IN YOUR AREA.

------BASIC FORMAT------------

$/$US ratio - DATE

GENERAL INFO  (Local magazine, newspaper, bulletin to find current
listings of area entertainment, bands playing, festivals, etc.) -

VENUES (Listed alphabetically, with location, telephone no., SHORT
personal review - is there a cover charge?  food? more jazz than blues?

HISTORICAL BLUES SITES (This wasn't originally planned but, again, I
think it has a place here.) - optional

RADIO (Local blues stations/programs) - optional

CONTRIBUTOR RECOGNITION (unless (s)he prefers to remain anonymous)

-----END BASIC FORMAT-------------

To see the current venue listing, send the message send blues venues
(keep the letters lowercase) to

Please address contributions or questions to It
would be helpful for you to include the word SHED or VENUE in the
subject line.



                 ***  WELCOME TO THE BLUES-L SHED!  ***

You can rummage around in the Shed via WWW, anonymous ftp, or by e-mail.


FTP:  (login is ftp)
        The Shed is in /pub/misc/entertainment/blues

        To get a list of offerings and commands, send the message
        send blues catalog


        airwaves A list of blues radio shows and DJs. (under construction)

        books   The Blues-l Bibliography.  If it's about the Blues
                and somebody on the List recommends it, it's included.

        faq     The list of Frequently Asked Questions to the BLUES-L
                mailing list.  You should read this document before
                posting to the list.  Its purpose is to avoid having
                the same topics come up over and over. It also includes
                some interesting information, including some blues
                terms, pointers to other places of interest to
                music-lovers.  (

        found   Address, purpose, history, programs, and donation
                information of Foundations dedicated to furthering
                education and dissemination of the Blues.  So far,
                BLUES HEAVEN FOUNDATION is listed here.

        labels  The list of record company mailing addresses.

        rags    Extracted from Blues-L FAQ, a list of several magazines
                dedicated to blues music, and another few that have
                extensive coverage.  (

        society The listing of Blues societies around the world from
                Blues-Lynx, "The Blues Information Clearinghouse".

venues/ The Blues-L Traveler's Guide.  Members of Blues-L answer the
        question,"I'm going to be visiting in your neck of the woods.
        How can I enjoy the blues during my visit?"

        all             The complete listing of venues from all contributors.
        al              Alabama - Decatur and Huntsville
        australia       Sydney
        canada          British Columbia and Ottawa
        fl              Orlando
        hungary         Budapest
        ma              Massachusetts - Boston
        mo              Missouri - St. Louis
        nc              North Carolina - Asheville and Charlotte
        singapore       Raj's view
        usa             Alabama, Florida, Massachusettes, Missouri,
                        and North Carolina

Please note that only the countries and states listed above are
available at this time.  All USA state files use the 2-digit state
mailcode abbreviation; thus, massachusetts is filed under ma;
missouri, under mo; etc. Following is a list of the codes.

al      Alabama                 mt      Montana
ak      Alaska                  ne      Nebraska
az      Arizona                 nv      Nevada
ar      Arkansas                nh      New Hampshire
ca      California              nj      New Jersey
co      Colorado                nm      New Mexico
ct      Conencticut             ny      New York
de      Delaware                nc      North Carolina
fl      Florida                 nd      North Dakota
ga      Georgia                 oh      Ohio
hi      Hawaii                  ok      Oklahoma
id      Idaho                   or      Oregon
il      Illinois                pa      Pennsylvania
in      Indiana                 ri      Rhonde Island
ia      Iowa                    sc      South Carolina
ks      Kansas                  sd      South Dakota
ky      Kentucky                tn      Tennessee
la      Louisiana               tx      Texas
me      Maine                   ut      Utah
md      Maryland                vt      Vermont
ma      Massachusetts           va      Virginia
mi      Michigan                wa      Washington
mn      Minnesota               wv      West Virginia
ms      Mississippi             wi      Wisconsin
mo      Missouri                wy      Wyoming

            dc  District of Columbia (Washington, DC)


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