Robert Teeter
Mon Apr 4 13:38:29 EDT 1994

> Ditto on all of the above!  This service is great just like it is.  If
> some people don't like the volume of mail or the subjects and topics
> of the mail, then they should un-subscribe or propose a solution.
> One possible solution would be to have a some kind of 'Subject-of-Mail'
> control provided by the Blues-L service and let people only recieve
> mail on the subjects they wish (someone might have suggested this before,
> but if they did, I didn't read it).  Anyway, there could be such topics
>      HAVE YOU HEARD...
> etc., etc., the list could go on and on.  Basically, the 'SUBJECT' of
> everyone's letters would determine where they were sent and to whom.
> Personally, I would subscibe to ALL of the subjects (well most of
> them anyway).
> Oh well, enough of my yappin',
> CS
>  -----------------------------------------------
> |  Craig Smoot                                  |

        If you mean dividing Blues-L into *multiple* lists, I think
that's a terrible idea.  That would make it more difficult for
        If you mean people's subject lines should be more indicative
of the content, I agree.
        Few people -- especially those of you who like Blues-L just
the way it is -- have commented on my idea for a *one-way* link from
Blues-L to a newsgroup, and *not* vice versa.
        The advantages are:

        * Blues-L (the mailing list) has the same posters and *does
not* have to hear from the flamers and casual posters that many of
us have found in newsgroups.  If you subscribe to the mailing list and
like it the way it is, you would not notice any difference.  (One way
this could work is to set it up such that only subscribers to Blues-L
can post to the mailing list.)

        * People who like newsgroups could read all the blues news
they want, whenever they want, in subject threads.



        Seems to me everybody wins.

        Yours in the Blues,
        Robert Teeter

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