Eric C. Shoaf
Mon Apr 4 11:10:14 EDT 1994

LW is right that there seems to be a lot of Strats being used to play the
blues these days.  But to me the classic setup is a Gibson guitar with a
Fender tube amp.  Nearly any Gibson with humbuckers can sound good for the
blues.  Now Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, and even Eric Clapton have used the Strat
to good measure for blues.  However, for that real "down and dirty" blues
tone a Strat just won't work IMHO.  If you look at the past the Gibson ES-335 o
r a variant was very popular and its semi-hollow.  Both Freddie and BB use(d)
these guitars.  Les Pauls work well too.  The real key is to have an overdriven
tube amp, preferably an older Fender.  My personal setup is a 1956 Les Paul Jr,
a 1950 Supro amp, and nothing in between to mess up the signal.

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