Alabama Blues Society

Michael Mccracken
Sat Apr 2 05:42:24 EST 1994

RE--The president of ABS was/is on Blues-L, but haven't
heard from him lately. (Mike, you paying attention?) Tell 'em the
"Boogie Daddy" sent you! No, I don't get anything monetary for it,
just the satisfaction of ABS knowing I've done something for ABS in
return for them doing much for me! It's a good, active blues society.

I'm still here and I apologise for not being more active but things are busy
here as we gear up for the Blues Showcase. I think you covered all the bases
though and I appreciate the press. (your check is in the mail). I must admit
that I can't read all the mail on the list as it is now and just pick out the
things that interest me. I  think this list is great. All the (on-line) blues
world  seems to be growing daily. I don't have Internet access and reach this
list through my AOL E-mail.  When I check my mail I usually check out a
couple of areas of interest and here's a small sampling of a recent

Here are some samples of what's happening on America On Line in the Rocklink
area under the subject heading, Blues Access. Seems that Cary Wolfson, of
Blues Access, is getting something together that some of you might be
interested in. These are the E-mail addresses also and (for those wh
o don't already know) just add on the end for complete address.

Subj:  Hey there, blueshound                 94-03-08 21:21:49 EST
From:  Roosterman

Hi, I'm Cary Wolfson aka the Red Rooster (Roosterman online). I've been
publishing BLUES ACCESS magazine on a quarterly basis for over 4 years and
producing the syndicated radio program Blues from the Red Rooster Lounge
since the early '80s. I've been looking in vain for a long time for some
online blues discussion. I plan to monitor this folder on a regular basis and
hopefully we can get something going. I'll also post information about
interesting blues stuff.

Subj:  Attn: Evuhbody                        94-03-28 15:54:39 EST
From:  Roosterman

I'm lobbying the powers that be at AOL for a full-scale Blues Forum. I think
there's enough interest, especially if we're in a more visible place where
more people can find us. I'd like to do an online version of BLUES ACCESS if
that's possible. I'd also like to have a place where I can upload my database
of new releases for the last few years and the festival information we
publish in the magazine.

Let 'em know you care!
Subj:  Re:RE:  Blues Room                    94-03-31 02:08:46 EST
From:  Zydeco1016

I'd love to see a Blues Room. I don't do much Chat, but learn a lot by
reading the boards. There's so much to learn about the Blues and so few
places to learn it.  It appears there are some really great people sharing
some wonderful information and a room would add a whole new dimension.  Just
wanted to add my support to your efforts.

I  also have a Blues Society Connection folder that got up to a hundred
messages before it disappeared for some reason. I started a new one but due
to the popularity of the Blues Access folder it has not grown as fast this
time. I just wanted to let the members of the Blues- L to get a fee
l for what's happening on America On Line. Especially those who stated they
would welcome more b
lues messages to read!

Mike McCracken

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