Ideas for blues-l

Robert Teeter
Fri Apr 1 15:57:14 EST 1994

        I'm hearing from a lot of people who don't like the ambience of
a newsgroup -- too many newbies, too many transient readers, etc.
        What if, as someone suggested, we had a one-way gateway:
Blues-L posts would go to the newsgroup, but not vice versa?  That,
I think, would be the best of all worlds.  I *think* it's possible;
I'll find out.
        As for flames from, I'm finding wide-spread
apathy there.  Maybe, they're sick of talking about it.  I heard from
at least one jazz fan who would be happy to see the bluespeople leave
the newsgroup.

        As for Marcia's idea about T-shirts, I say cool!  Suggested
good cause: The foundation that Bonnie Raitt supports which collects
royalties for old blues musicians and composers.

        Yours in the blues,
        Robert Teeter

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